The MRT-X 3-in-1 Manitou rotating telehandler combines the benefits of the crane, telehandler and access platform into one ergonomic, economical machine!

Achieve maximum performance in all mining, tunnelling and maintenance applications!

The MRT-X range is equipped with a load state monitoring system that ensures precision work as well as detection of load weight, boom angle and extension, working configuration and turret position – ensuring the highest levels of safety are achieved.

Benefits of the MRT-X Telehandler Range

  • Rough terrain capability with great manoeuvrability
  • Great lifting, up to 40 metres, and reach capacity with a 360° rotating boom
  • Remote controls for precision work
  • High lift ranges up to 4 000 kg

Range of attachments for the MRT-X range!


Our range of MT-X telehandlers:

MRT-X 1440 Telehandler

The MRT-X 1440 Easy Telehandler enables high load capacity lifting of 4 000 kg up to 13.8 metres, with 400° rotation for max. operator visibility.

MRT-X 1640 Telehandler

The MRT 1640 Easy Telehandler with a high load capacity 4 000 kg and a high reach up to 15.8 metres, with 400° rotation.

MRT-X 1840 Telehandler

The MRT-X 1840 Easy Telehandler is able to lift 4 000 kilograms on stabilisers at 500 mm fork heels to 17.9 metres.

MRT-X 2150 Telehandler

The MRT-X 2150 Privilege Telehandler utilises a 150 HP Mercedes-Benz engine to lift 5 000 kg over 20 metres!

MRT-X 2540 Telehandler

The MRT-X 2540 Privilege Telehandler utilises a 150 HP Mercedes-Benz engine to reach up to 25 metres and when lifting up to 4 000 kilograms

MRT-X 3050 Telehandler

The MRT-X 3050 Privilege Telehandler utilises a 216 HP diesel Perkins 3A engine to reach up to 30 metres and when lifting up to 5 000 kilograms.


Telehander Warranty

The Manitou range of material handling equipment, including the range of Telehandlers, comes standard with a 12 month (or 2 000 hour) warranty.