Track loaders from Manitou comprise a range of high performance material handling equipment that can safely lift up to 4 tons of material up to 3.2 m over rough terrain.

With industry exclusive tensioning systems, track loaders offer better stability, traction and prolong the lifespan of your machine! Manitou has introduced the viable and versatile radial-lift track loader from American manufacturer, Gehl.

Benefits of the Gehl Track Loader:

  • 5 x 5 drive control system
  • Anti-stall technology
  • Excellent visibility
  • Optional joystick controls
  • Pressurised cabin (optional)
  • 90° angle of approach
  • 92 l fuel tank


AUTO TENSION helps maintain proper tensioning during operation and releases tension when engines are turned off. This helps to prolong the lifespan of track loaders. This design also helps to simplify track service on-site.

RT175 Radial Lift track loader

Powered by a Yanmar diesel engine, the Manitou RT175 Radial Lift Track Loader has a self-levelling hydraulic lift action as standard.

RT210 Radial Lift track loader

The RT210 is equipped with a two-speed Hydrostatic Drive System and a ROPS/FOPS Level II Overhead Guard.

Track loaders: designed to perform:

5 X 5 drive control system

Enabling track loader operators to tackle any terrain with a choice of 5 personal parameters that suit varying applications.

Dedicated, welded track loader chassis

For advanced weight distribution, this chassis enhances stability, grading, traction and ride control.

Anti-stall technology unique to track loaders

Sensors detect load weights and adjust the hydrostatic drive pump electronically increasing productivity by minimising downtime.

Hydraulic system

With pressures of up to 207 bars, track loaders have fast cycle times. Cylinder cushioning also provides smoother operation when lowering the lift arm.

Easy servicing of track loaders

Large gas spring-assisted engine covers, with tilting ROPS and FOPS, allow for easy access for services and repairs. A patented tilt-out foot pad allows for better foot well cleanout and easier access to components under the cab.

OPERATOR COMFORT – with Manitou track loaders

Excellent visibility

Cab-forward designs allow for great visibility of the bucket cutting edge.


Manitou track loaders feature a customisable multi-function display.

Side restraints

These collapsible and adjustable armrests provide extra safety and comfort for track loader operators.

Joystick controls (Optional)

For precise control, electro-hydraulic joysticks are mounted to the operator’s seat.

Pressurised Cabin – optional

This provides track loader operators with a sealed, cleaner and quitter working environment. Even air conditioning and air filters can be included.

Gehl articulated loaders are versatile and can manoeuvre in and around tight places. The entire range of articulated loaders is easy to maintain, providing more flexibility with every operation and increasing profitability.