Scissor lifts from Manitou lift personnel loads of up to 680 kilograms to overhead work areas of over 14 metres in under 40 seconds! Manitou's scissor lift range consists of six models divided between electric and diesel configurations, designed for safe handling in all terrain types in Africa’s toughest industries: construction, warehousing and agriculture.

Manitou scissor lifts utilise a large platform area (3 m x 2 m) and design innovations that allow operation in confined or limited spaces as well as make them the ideal aerial platform for various applications.

Manitou's scissor lifts deliver a robust, safer aerial platform for guaranteed maximum efficiency.

Features of our scissor lifts:

  • Elevating over 680 kg to over 14 m
  • Quick lifting of personnel and tools to height
  • Highest levels of safety with guard rails, safety cages and harnesses
  • Slant and overload alarm functions
  • Large working platform
  • Fast ascent and descent speeds
  • Easily manoeuvrable platform at height

Electric scissor lifts

Electric scissor lifts from Manitou can elevate 318 kg loads to overhead work heights of 11.75 m, with fast ascent and descent speeds delivering enhanced performance. It has compact, innovative designs that allow operability in confined spaces. Large platform areas 
(up to 3.18 m x 1.15 m), facilitate an expansive working platform environment that is also easily manoeuvrable, be your industry construction, agriculture or warehousing.

Diesel scissor lifts

Diesel scissor lifts from Manitou are powerful, elevating large area products/equipment of up to 680 kg to over 14 m, with fast ascent and descent. These lifts possess large platform areas themselves 
(up to 3.18 m x 1.15 m), and are manoeuvrable and easily operable in limited spaces. Manitou's diesel scissor lifts provide extended vertical reach to heavy loads safely for maximum efficiency.

Every Manitou scissor lift is supported with a nation-wide service and support network. With expert access platform technicians on stand-by 24/7, 365 days a year - along with 95% access platform parts availability - Manitou helps ensure peak operation and maximum productivity.